How to Fast Charge Your Phone

How to Fast Charge Your Phone

If you’ve been charging your phone by using USB port, you probably would’ve noticed how painfully slow the charging speed is. Charging speed will be much faster when using the original phone charger.


Not all chargers are born equal, some charger comes with higher output than the others.


That’s because USB ports have lower power output compared to original charger. iPads, and sometimes other tablets, will not charge from PC’s USB port due to insufficient power. In such cases, a charging adapter will be required to enable tablets to charge via PC USB ports.

iPad Charging Adapter



Will my phone charge faster with a tablet charger?
Device will only draw power it needs for charging. Hence, charging a 10W charger for a phone that can only support a 5W input will not make it charge faster.



Another way to boost charging speed is to activate Airplane Mode. By deactivating all WiFi and other networks, a lot of power will be saved and hence increases the charging speed.



Pisen Moonbox Power Bank 6000mAh with 1A & 2A output.

Ultimately, improvement in charging speed varies depending on battery capacity & health, phone usage as well as charger used. Longer cables are great, but they contribute to longer charging duration.


Unbranded phone chargers and power banks often under-deliver, and do not achieve the labelled output of 1A/2A. Hence, it is advisable to go for original chargers, and power banks with 2A output for shorter charging time.

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