Choosing The Best Cable For Your Devices

Choosing The Best Cable For Your Devices

While chargers are crucial in determining your charging speed, selecting the wrong cable can significantly reduce your charging speed.

It is almost certain that after market/brandless USB cables lead to slow charging. Some of these cables can hardly achieve up to 500mAh during charging. On the other hand, a quality cable can support up to 2000mAh.


Pisen Cable VS Brandless Cable
Some brandless cables suffer from loose connector port after being used.



Pisen Cable VS Brandless Cable
Brandless cables are often unregulated, and may not comply to standard Micro USB dimension. They may also get rusty due to the poor coating.

Another concern with brandless cables is that their connector may have not be molded with precision. This may cause overly tight/loose connection when connected to Over time, both the Micro USB port on your device as well as the cable itself may be stressed and damaged. This often leads to poor connectivity and loose micro USB ports.



Pisen Cable VS Brandless Cable
Pisen cables are stronger, more flexible and durable than brandless cables. Over time, brandless cables becomes more rigid and may suffer from cracks.

So if you need cables with good charging speed and quality, its’ best to go for quality/branded cables and avoid after market cables.

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