Are Your Battery Products Safe & Secure?

Are Your Battery Products Safe & Secure?

Frequency of battery related accidents have seen significant increase over the past few years. They are commonly observed in power banks/mobile phone batteries/laptop battery. One of the most important factors to look for when selecting a power bank is its quality/safety feature.


In order to cut cost, safety feature are often neglected, if not totally dropped. Battery quality and safety feature are why fake power banks are cheaper. Market is filled with fake power banks, and many of them are advertised and priced as original, branded power banks. Many of them also comes with original labelling/stickers which makes it very difficult to differentiate between fakes and original.

Buying from certified retailers, authorized dealers, official website ensures that you will avoid getting a fake product.


According to a research conducted, more than 40% of power banks submitted for qualification were untraceable. These power banks have no proper supplier info, vague specification, and are compliant to no safety certifications. Up to 20% of the submitted samples failed the qualification. Power banks which are not intended to be submitted for qualifications will most likely to perform much worse.

Pisen power bank comes with 16 months warranty, 7S Protection which prevents overcharging, overheating, short circuit, etc.



Unhealthy battery typically carry indicators such as bulges, deformation, leakage. Overheating/shorter standby time may also indicate battery damage. When in doubt, it is best to stop using said device, and consult your supplier directly.


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