Pisen Ghana is focused on mobile phone accessories, digital electronic and other IT products. The Pisen business comprises Manufacturing, Research and Development, and Product sales.


The following timeline shows how Pisen started and became an enterprise with annual sales value of USD200 million. This is a timeline of how the concept starts to take shape and the brand building process.

  • The founder of Pisen started the electrical appliance wholesale business and the first mobile super-market opened in 2000.

  • Thefactory was built and the main products were phone battery and rechargeable battery

  • Pisen made the first mobile power for the China “7+2” Extreme Exploring team and the mobile power were mass produced

  • Pisen set up the sales network in 100 cities in China and started exporting business, Pisen’s stores were opened in Vietnam, Singapore and Lebanon.

  • The second factory was built in Southwest China

  • Pisen’s mobile power was honored the 2011 year’s Top sales volume product in China