5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Your smartphone holds more information than you think, to state a few, credit card, contacts, social accounts, etc. Losing these information can cause you a lot of time and money. Here are 5 easy tips you can implement right away to improve your security.


1. Lock your phone with a pin, password or pin.


Swipe to unlock provides little to no security.

This is easy to setup, and will act as the first line of defense should you ever lose your phone. On most Android devices, this can be set at Setting > Location & Security. Without a phone lock, your contact, photos, emails and other details are easily compromised.


2. Download & Install Apps from only trusted sources.


Check/Uncheck to Allow/Disallow installation of apps outside of Play Store.

There have been many reported cases where credit card information was stolen by malicious/fake Apps. Vast majority of these Apps are downloaded from unregulated third party sites. For safety, always install only Apps from Google Play Store, unless you are absolute certain that a third party Apps is free from malware/safe to use.


3. Keep your operating system and Apps updated. 


Updates to Apps and operating system often include security enhancement, hence it is vital to keep them updated.


4. Clear your cache & logout after a transaction.


If you shop or perform any monetary transaction from your phone, be sure to log out of your accounts, clear your cache and close the Apps/browser once transactions are complete. It is also not advisable to perform any transaction when connected via public WiFi networks.


5. Phishing/Unsolicited Emails & Texts


Example of a phishing text.

Should you receive email or text notification to login or submit your account information, be sure to first confirm the identity of the sender. Do not click on any of the links but contact the business directly to verify the request.



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